Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take my insurance?

I treat everyone insured and uninsured. I’m not a provider for your insurance company, but with the fair price of $40 per visit Care In Chiropractic makes Chiropractic care affordable for everyone. No hidden costs. This fee includes the initial exam, therapies if needed such as electric stimulation, extremity adjustments, and of course Chiropractic care from head to toe, and fingers, and wrists, and TMJ, etc. Plus we’ve already ruled out any headaches caused by dealing with insurance companies. Many insurance companies and flex plans will reimburse you for your expenses with simply submitting your receipt for care.

Does Dr. Duffy work with personal injury cases such as car accidents even though he is not a provider for insurance?

This normally isn’t a problem. I do expect payment up front and the insurance company responsible for reimbursement shouldn’t have a problem getting you paid with the bill of care. That is what insurance is for right? Also, any documentation they may need is ready if and when they need.

What techniques does Dr. Duffy use?

I’m trained in multiple techniques such as Gonstead, Diversified, Full Spine, Cherete, Thompson, and more. I also have a background in sports injury with my two years as team doctor for the Missoula Phoenix Semi-Pro Football Team. All of this experience allows me to tailor my treatment to your specific needs. Plus I’m allows trying to learn more, so I may have more techniques by the time you get here.

How long does a treatment take?

The initial exam takes approximately a half hour and in most cases you will be treated that day. I will block out 15 mins for each visit that follows. I try my best to never double book so that that time is yours. It’s important to me that everyone gets the time that they are paying for. The treatment may only take five minutes but we will get better results if we always have time to discuss progress and answer questions.

Do I need X-rays?

X-rays are a useful tool if we are worried about a fracture or any skeletal issues that would hinder are adjustments. After a thorough history and extensive orthopedic exams we will determine if imaging is necessary. Most often imaging isn’t necessary with the proper orthopedic precautions.


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