There are three areas of stress we focus on with our clients. Physical, Mental, and Nutritional . Without looking at everything the negatively affects the body we won’t get to our optimal level of functioning and Nutrition is one of the most important areas of study.

Many clients have very different dietary styles and that is something the Doctor takes into account with every assessment. Sometimes a client can be dehydrated so a simple addition of water to daily routine can make all the difference. Other clients may have a sweet tooth which is okay, but when we over do it with sweets we also add inflammation to the body. Recent studies have shown a direct link to our Omega 3/Omega 6 fatty acid ratios and inflammation of the body. The higher our Omega 6 to our Omega 3’s the more our overall inflammation is. Inflammation is a major contributor to pain and other chronic diseases. If a client is majorly inflamed, and adjustment will still help but not nearly as well. When we focus on Nutrition along with optimal spinal health this leads us to further enhance the bodies abilities to heal and maintain health.


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